Travel Portland

Here is a fun, jazzy travel video of Portland, Oregon.

Portlandia TV Series

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) features a dreamy, absurd, and comedic view of Portland in their series Portlandia. Although rated for cable and not appealing to all, it does bring out the diversity and weirdness of Portland in a creative and humorous way. Visit the Portlandia site for previews and past episodes.

Portland’s Light Rail “MAX”

Portland has a modern light rail system known as “MAX“. MAX’s Red Line runs from the airport directly to the DoubleTree Hotel. It will take about 20 minutes. At the airport you will find the MAX station near baggage claim on the lower level. Take MAX to the Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave Station. The DoubleTree will be across the street.

MAX is a very easy, modern, clean system. Downtown rides are free, but to/from the airport tickets are $2.35 Adult, $1 Honored Citizen (65+), $1.50 Youth (7-17). Children 6 and under are free. There are maps and electronic signs at the stations and in each car.

Once you are at the hotel, MAX runs several lines (Red, Blue, and Green) from the hotel (Lloyd Center Station) to downtown Portland. These are all are in the Free Rail Zone. It is free to ride — all day, every day — from the DoubleTree to and from downtown Portland. Here is an excellent map.