Calendar – Päevade kava


Wednesday – Kolmapäev
August 3, 2011
11:00 am Registration and Tickets Sales Registratsioon ja pileti müük Hotel
12:00 pm Congress of Estonian Organizations Organisatsioonide kongress Hotel
 7:30 pm Opening ceremony. Choir Concert Avatseremoonia. Koorikontsert St.Mary’s Academy
  9:00 pm “Kuld Lõvi”  Schedule – kava Hotel
Thursday – Neljapäev
August 4, 2011
  8:00 am “Kuld Lõvi” Schedule – kava Hotel
  9:00 am Registration and Tickets Sales Registratsioon ja pileti müük Hotel
  9:00 am Seminars Seminarid Hotel
  9:00 am Dance Practice Tantsuproov Hotel
  2:00 pm Family Picnic Rahvapidu Alderbrook Park
Friday – Reede
August 5, 2011
  8:00 am “Kuld Lõvi”  Schedule – kava Hotel
  9:00 am Registration and Tickets Sales Registratsioon ja pileti müük Hotel
  9:00 am Choir Practice Kooriharjutus Hotel
  9:30 am Movie: Singing Revolution Film: Laulev revolutsioon Hotel
  1:00 pm Guest performance-Kajakas, Kungla Külaliskontsert-Kajakas, Kungla Hotel
  2:00 pm EOLL meeting EOLL koosolek Hotel
  3:00 pm Main Rehearsal Peaproov Hotel
 7:00 pm Song and Dance Concert –
Hõissa Tuljak!
Laulu ja tantsupidu –
Hõissa Tuljak!
Saturday – Laupäev
August 6, 2011
 7:30 am Registration and Ticets Sales Registratsioon ja pileti müük Hotel
 8:00 am “Kuld Lõvi”  Schedule – kava Hotel
 8:00 am Golf tournament Golfi turniir Heron Lakes Golf Course
 9:00 am Worship Service Vabaõhu jumalateenistus The Grotto
 9:00 am City Walk “Linnaskäik” Portland Downtown
 1:00 pm Academic Lunch Akadeemiline lõuna Hotel
 3:00 pm Guest performance
Portlandia Celebrates Estonian Music!
Portlandia pühitseb Eesti muusikat!
 7:00 pm Celebrate Pacific NW Style at the Ball Ball-tantsuõhtu Pacific NW stiilis Hotel
Sunday – Pühapäev
August 7, 2011
  8:00 am “Kuld Lõvi”  Schedule – kava Hotel
10:00 am Closing Ceremony Lõputseremoonia Hotel

Schedule Details

Festival Registation and Ticket Sales Desk hours (DoubleTree Hotel)
11 am – 6 pm, Wednesday, 8/3/2011
9 am – 1 pm, Thursday, 8/4/2011
9 am – 3 pm, Friday, 8/5/2011
7:30 am – 10 am, Saturday, 8/6/2011

Kuld Lõvi operating hours (DoubleTree Hotel):
9 pm – 2 am, Wednesday, 8/3/2011
8 am – 12 pm, Thursday, 8/4//2011 (break during Rahvapidu)
8 pm – 2 am, Thursday, 8/4/2011
8 am – 2 am, Friday, 8/5/2011
8 am – 2 am, Saturday, 8/6/2011
8 am – 1 pm, Sunday, 8/7/2011

Kuld Lõvi nightly entertainment (DoubleTree Hotel)
Kihnu Poisid from Estonia
VAM from Vancouver
Hapsala from Portland

Kuld Lõvi Seminars (DoubleTree Hotel)
Rein Lepnurm, 9 am, Thursday, 8/4/2011
Estonian Ambassdor to the United States, Väino Reinart, 10 am, Thursday, 8/4/2011
Dr. Toomas Palm, 11 am, Thursday, 8/4/2011
Arvo Vercamer, 9:30 am, Friday, 8/5/2011
Janno Vesik, director of Kihnu Poisid, “Kihnu rahva kombed”, 11 am, Friday, 8/5/2011
EELK Piiskop Andres Taul, “EELK täna ja homme”, Saturday, 1:30 pm, 8/6/2011

Kuld Lõvi “Laulame koos” (DoubleTree Hotel)
5 pm, Friday, 8/5/2011
11 am, Saturday, 8/6/2011
9 am, Sunday, 8/7/2011

Bus departure times (DoubleTree Hotel)
Opening Ceremony at St. Mary’s Academy, buses depart DoubleTree at 6:00 pm, 8/3/2011
Rahvapidu at Alderbrook Park Resort, buses depart DoubleTree at 12:00 pm, 8/4/2011
Open-air worship service at The Grotto, buses depart DoubleTree at 8:00 am

DoubleTree bar service drink tickets available from LEP2011 Registration Desk (DoubleTree Hotel)
$49.50 for 10 drink tickets for beer, wine and house brand mixed drinks (includes gratuity)
Bar service will be available at:
– Hõissa Tuljak
– Celebrate Pacific NW Style at the Ball (starts at 6:00 PM in the foyer)
– Kuld Lõvi

Merchantcards accepted at LEP2011 Registration desk, the Estonia Store and St. Mary’s Academy:

Free parking at the DoubleTree Hotel parking lot for all hotel guests and festival attendees
Overnight guests use room key for no expense entry and exit from DoubleTree parking lot
Daytime guests of LEP2011 obtain free parking voucher from Kuld Lõvi each day you attend LEP2011

Alderbrook Park Resort admission
Advance ticket sales only for admission to Rahvapidu.  Admission tickets will not be available for purchase at the gate.

Kuld Lõvi admission (DoubleTree Hotel)
Only registered attendees of LEP2011 will gain admission to Kuld Lõvi.  Guests must show a LEP2011 lapel pin or handband for admission to this private event.

Ticket sales and “Will Call” tickets will be available at the door for the following events
Opening Ceremony/Concert
Kajakas/Kungla Folk Dance Concert
Hõissa Tuljak!
Portlandia Celebrates Estonian Music!

LEP 2011 Festival Beer Project

The LEP 2011 Festival Beer Committee has been working long and hard on coming up with an extra ordinary beer for the festival. With a collaborative effort with Cascade Brewing Co. ( and the beer committee a festival beer has been chosen.  The LEP 2011 Festival Beer will be a Farm House Ale using French Saison yeast. Ron Gansberg, Brew Master, at Cascade Brewing is very enthusiastic about our project and is looking forward to working with us and brewing our beer.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Kuld Lõvi Learning to Dance

Our very own Kuld Lõvi is learning how to dance. He hopes to be ready by next summer. It will be tough, but he thinks he’s up to the challenge.