Out-Door Worship Service at The Grotto

Saturday August 6, 9 am

The out-door worship service will be held at “The Grotto” (www.thegrotto.org), a beautiful and serene destination on the “must visit list” in Portland. Large fir trees and rhododendrons surround the sanctury and provide a calm, natural setting. The heart of the shrine is a rock cave carved into the 110 foot rock cliff. Bishop Andres Taul, from Toronto, Ontario, and Pastor Hendrik Laur, from Olympia, Washington, will conduct the worship service beginning at 9:00 o’clock on Saturday morning.

The 150 member LEP2011 choir, consisting of Unistus, Clackamas Community College Chamber Choirs, members of Estonian mixed choirs from the West Coast and from Ontario, Canada, will perform during the service. The combined choirs will perform “Tee silmapiirile”, by Rene Eespere, “Taaveti laul”, by Cyrillus Kreek, “Hoia, Jumal, Eestit”, by Juhan Aavik, “Eestimaa Palve”, by Elle-Eha Are, and “Heliseb väljadel”, by Urmas Sisask.

Join us, for a beautiful religious and musical experience, as we celebrate our faith in Christ on this wonderful summer morning!