Hõissa Tuljak

Friday August 5, 7 pm

Our choral and folk dance program is presented through the narration of “Tuljak”, Estonia’s most famous song and dance. Singers, dancers, musicians, and children from Estonia, Canada, and the West Coast join together in a musical interpretation of this much-loved wedding story. Our own “Viruvanem” and his lovely wife invite us to gather in the village square. There, we meet the young couple Tõnni and Manni, and join in celebrating their marriage. Audience participation is encouraged with several sing-a-longs and a community waltz. A musical extravaganza!

Participating in this grand production is a cast of over 250 performers! Kihnu Poisid, Ahto Nurk and Virve Lääne, Kajakas folk dance troupe from Pärnu, Unistus choir, Clackamas Community College Chamber Choir, Trillium Voices Ensemble, Kungla folk dance troupe from Toronto, The Toronto choir, the Hamilton choir, Kilplased folk dance troupe from Vancouver BC, Keerutajad folk dance troupe from Vancouver BC, the Vancouver BC choir, Leelo women’s ensemble, Tuhandest Tuultest folk dance troupe from Seattle, the Seattle choir, the San Francisco choir, Tulehoidjad folk dance troupe from Portland, the Portland choir, and the childrens choir and folk dance troupe from the West Coast.