Bishop Taul

Andres Taul was born in Tartu on 11 August, 1936 into a clerical family. He began his studies in Ireland and Germany, and graduated Oxford University with his bachelors and masters degrees. He defended his doctoral dissertation in the US in l966. He was ordained by Archbishop Kõpp in l961, the last pastor to be ordained by him.

Bishop Taul has served Estonian congregations in England, the USA, and Canada. He has been the pastor of the Toronto St. Peter’s congregation since l982. In l988 he was the first pastor of the E.E.L.K. (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church) to visit Estonia. He was the first chairman of the church’s Song and Prayer Book committee, and a visiting lecturer and the first chaplain at the University of Tartu. He had the idea to restore the congregation at the university, and did so.

His wife, Eneri Taul, is an architect. The couple has a son, and two daughters, all of whom live in Canada. Andres’ father, Jaak (b. 1905) and his sisters Virge and Tiina live in England. Andres Taul has been honored with the medal of the Estonian Red Cross for his role in the preservation of Estonian culture in Canada.